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Planning Progress

by on Apr.02, 2014, under Motorcycle, Personal

I’ve been working diligently finding dead end roads and quiet corners of the world for me to sleep at night. I don’t have enough yet to feel I have options and backups in case of locked gates or new developments that aren’t shown in Google maps but I’m getting close. I still don’t have my new front tire but I contacted the dealer and they told me it should be shipped this week. If I don’t see anything soon I’m going to have to amend my order and remove the item that is holding everything up.

As for the bike, tonight I’m hoping to give it a once over and take it out for a spin. The weather is a beautiful high of +7C so I shouldn’t have much concern in the way if ice on the roads. I also need to swing by the motorcycle dealership and pick up some fresh oil and filters to do my spring oil change.

Once my new tires arrive and I get them mounted and balanced I’ll be only days away from hitting the road on my first big adventure of the year.

I’m so excited !

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Packing Light For Motorcycle Travel

by on Apr.01, 2014, under Motorcycle, Travel

Packing for motorcyclesOne of the hardest parts of packing for a motorcycle trip is choosing what to leave behind. Sometimes to keep my motorcycle extra light for offroad travel I even leave my tent at home.

But where you do you sleep if not in a hotel? Under a tarp!

Since I ride a small 250cc motorcycle I need to be selective about what I bring camping. I don’t have the luxury of a trunk and to keep my bike from tipping over backwards I need to keep the weight down. There are some essentials that are needed such as tools and a spare tubes. I still need a sleeping bag to keep warm and some sort of shelter to keep the rain off but instead of a tent I opt for a camping hammock or a bivy bag and a tarp.

My clothes are worn for several days, the only person who can smell me is me, and I wash them in the sink when possible. I have my phone for a camera, the kindle app to read book with, a folding tooth brush and a mini tube of tooth paste. Other than that I have my passport and wallet and not much else. Any food I need I can buy on the way and I’ll end up eating more than my share of granola bars.

In the end things are simpler this way. Less to go wrong, and less weight on the bike. I still sleep warm and toasty at night and the bike gets better fuel economy from the lack of weight and wind resistance.

Keep it light and enjoy the ride.

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